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Heroes Guardian Robot “DomDomI”

In commemoration of relocating to the Gocheok Sky Dome, the first robot is created.
· Concept

DomDomI was created in celebration of the Seoul Heroes home stadium relocation to the country’s first dome stadium, the Gocheok Sky Dome.

· Story

In 2016, the Seoul Heroes first cute and simple robot, DomDomI, was born with its unique head imitating the facade of the Gocheok Sky Dome. It can also board on a bigger-sized robot to transform into a super DomDomI that also resembles the Gocheok Sky Dome. DomDomI is the guardian robot that protects and helps Tuckdori and Dongeuli.

Heroes Guardian Robot “DomDomI”

The renewal of Tuckdori and the birth of Second Mascot

In celebration of entering the post-season two time in a row (2015)
· Concept

After only 7 seasons, the team displayed its strength by entering the post-season twice in a row. Dongeuli the birth of the Heroes 2nd mascot and Tuckdori’s transformation. Dongeuli is a captivating mascot that is widely appealed by female and children fans.

· Story

In celebration of the 2015 season, Dongeuli was born as a sexy, yet also delightful, character who could exhibit pride and, at times, a tinge of cuteness. Her large eyes, pointy helmet, golden cloak, gloves and catcher’s shin guards seamlessly illustrate the quintessential figure of the combination of pitcher and catcher and her presence boosts energy to our team’s victories.


The birth of Tuckdori

2008: The founding of the Seoul Heroes.
· Concept

Tuckdori embodies the fresh and powerful image of the energetic and newly-formed baseball team of Heroes.

· Story

Ever since the establishment of the Seoul Heroes, Tuckdori was loved by many and in 2015, when the team entered its 8th season, Tuckdori underwent a transformation. As a true hero armored with gilt shoulders and a golden bat, Tuckdori reflects the formidable image of our Heroes batters.
Although he exhibits, at times, a funny and mischievous image, his cheerful personality is undeniably crucial in bringing up energy for our victories.